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Brooklyn Criminal Defense Lawyer

Defending Clients in All Five Boroughs of New York City

Are you facing criminal charges in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or any of the boroughs of New York City? Are you worried about what will happen next, whether you will go to jail or prison, and other penalties you may be facing? Having a competent and skilled attorney in your corner as early in your case as possible is a definite advantage. We recommend that you contact Hernandez & Paulonis, PC to speak with a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney about your situation as soon as possible. In a free, initial consultation, you can discuss your case directly with an attorney and get the legal advise you need to understand what you may be up against and how best to proceed for a strong defense.

Criminal Defense Representation

A Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer at our firm can aggressively defend you in any kind of misdemeanor or felony charge, such as those involving DWI, drug possession or other drug crimes, theft, assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse, sex crimes, gun or weapon charges, and more. When you are facing the possibility of jail or prison time and a future with a permanent criminal record, you should avail yourself of competent legal representation. Our attorneys are licensed to defend you in New York as well as New Jersey and in Federal Court.

We will investigate the facts and circumstances of your arrest and charges, gathering evidence, exposing any weakness or illegalities, and working whenever possible with prosecutors to get charges against you reduced or dropped. Being accused of any kind of crime is a stressful experience and we understand the anxiety you and your family may be facing. Having a diligent and dedicated attorney at your side throughout all the stages of the criminal process can ensure that your rights are protected, that you are treated fairly, and that you have the best chance of a favorable case outcome.

Contact a Brooklyn criminal defense attorneyat the firm if you are facing criminal charges today.